Dental Pulpa Mezenkimal Kök Hücre Osteojenik Farklılaşmasında Sempatik Sinir Sisteminin Rolü Var Mıdır?

Is there a role for sympathatic nervous system in dental pulp mesenchymal stem cell osteogenic differentiation?

  • Ayşegül Mendi
  • Esra Gündüzer
Keywords: dental pulp mesenchymal stem cell, H. perforatum, adrenergic receptor, osteogenic differentiation, dexamethasone


H. perforatum, used as antidepressant and wound healing agent by public, is reported as inhibited the adrenergic receptor β1/2 expression inneuronal cells Reduced adrenergic receptor β1/2 expression increases the bone density. From this point of view we invetigated the effect of H.perforatum extract on dental pulp mesenchymal stem cells (DP-MSCs) osteogenic differentiation. Osteogenic differentiation was conducted for 21 days and calcum granules were determined by von Kossa staining. Expression of ostoegenic markers and adrenergic receptor were exhibited by qPCR