Investigation of Systemic Toxic Effects of Nanobiosilver Use in Rodent Models

Keywords: Acute, biosilver, subacute, subchronic, sensitization, toxicity.


The aim of this study is to investigate the toxicity of biosilver particles on the rodent model. Ten guinea pigs were used for the sensitization test (Guinea pig maximization experiment) and 80 BALB-C mice 8-12 weeks old were used for systemic toxicity studies. Mice used in the study; acute, subacute, subchronic experimental groups and control groups. A single dose of nanobiosilver for the acute systemic toxicity test, 7 replicate doses of nanobiosilver intraperitoneal 50 ml / kg were given for the subacute and subchronic toxicity tests. At the end of the study, liver tissues were taken from animals and examined histopathologically. During the study, there were no significant changes in clinical findings in the groups. No significant changes were detected in the vital tissues of the study groups. As a result, it has been found that the biosilver particles do not show any acute, subacute and subchronic toxic effects on the rodent model.