Black Seed (Nigella Sativa) and Immunomodulatory Effect

Keywords: Nigella sativa, immunomodulatory, thymoquinone


Nigella (Nigella sativa) plants and oil for centuries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East today is by the United States and millions of people in Europe "to promote health" was a plant used and has been a material referenced in terms of health. As a result of scientific research, it was suggested that the seeds of vitamins, active substances and essential fatty acids should be consumed by scientists due to acid. Nigella sativa has significantly increased the total lymphocyte amount and has been supported by studies that have an immunomodulatory effect on both humans and animals. Healthy life support issues to the forefront of popular Cumin seed, which is an important component of thymoquinone (TQ) has been preferred due to potential medicinal properties as a source of healing. In the scientific researches, seedlings of black seed, vitamins, active substances and essential fatty acids may be useful to be consumed due to the products.