Changes in Daily Lives During The Covid-19: What Do Young People’s Drawing Tell Us?

  • Tuba Nur Özkan
  • Fatma Şenol
Keywords: lockdown, daily lives, young people, home, ontological security, outside


Covid-19 has spread all over the world shortly after it appeared. Precautions have been taken for Covid-19 virus spreading all over the world, which interrupted ‘normal’ daily lives. New ‘normal’s have developed and reshaped daily routines of everybody in any age groups. Although the pandemic has similar effects in general, the effects in daily life differ according to nature of precautions, traditional habits, religious preferences and individual characteristics. After an overview of the changes in daily lives across countries under the influence of the Covid-19, this case study presents its findings about how young people’s life have changed in Izmir and Istanbul (Turkey) during the precaution of lockdown. We asked 30 people between the ages of 18-29 and they responded with their drawings of their daily life at their home. Respondents are those university students, those stopped working and those keep working during the lockdown. Overall, all these groups experience this process in positive and negative ways and related to their perception of home, sense of safety, and ‘outside.’ The study describes these aspects and the drawings under six themes.