Green Apps Shaping Awareness Via Virtual World

  • Osman Zeybek Bursa Uludag University
Keywords: Green applications, green technology, nature-friendly technology, eco-apps, sustainable behaviour.


Many people have smartphones or tablet PCs nowadays; therefore, the application world has been enlarging with unpredictable speed. So, it can be used to raise awareness among people about living greener. Application developers have discovered that demand and create some useful and intuitive applications for mobile devices. The market share of smartphones in the U.S. is now reported to be more than 40%. Smartphones are proliferating around the world, and along with them, green apps are rising. Eco-apps can help people make their energy consumption more efficient and lower. Ecologically oriented apps are organized around a number of categories, including transportation, education, energy, consumer information, air and water quality, food, visualizations, and chemicals. In this study, these applications have been detected through Google Play Store and AppStore – for both iOS and Android devices and information gathered about their aim, use, and rates on stores.