Change Process of Forms in Landscape Design from Past to Present

  • Sinem ÖZDEDE Department of Landscape Architecture, Pamukkale University, Denizli, TURKEY
Keywords: Aesthetic, Form, Design movements, History of landscape design


Every period and civilization has natural and cultural factors that influence the design elements. However, there is also an aesthetic understanding adopted by societies. Especially the lines that change / transform from time to time, maturing sometimes with contrasts and sometimes with similarities create the design forms. These forms are undoubtedly influenced by the design movements in the historical process. However, while developing the aesthetic understanding of the societies, the symbols specific to their culture and their reflections on the details of the architecture and exterior spaces are seen. In this study, the changes in the art of shaping nature throughout human history have been revealed and the reflections of human and nature relations on space have been examined through various project examples. Factors in the process of transition from geometry to organic forms were researched. Thus, the change of aesthetic perception has been observed over the years. Within the scope of the study, how the psychological changes of the societies as well as the physiological changes of the cities constitute the design forms are examined through the examples of model, adapted, or applied design. And by making abstractions on these examples, design transformations over time are given in a linear manner. The inclusion of this study in the literature will contribute to the other studies.