Investigation of The Relationship Between Aesthetics And Ecological Values In Landscape Architecture

  • duygu akyol Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi
Keywords: Landscape, ecology, aesthetic, ecological design, aesthetic values


Basic components of landscape; natural characteristics, human effects and aesthetic qualities.Natural features and human impacts form the ecosystem and the existing landscape under this ecosystem.But today the landscape; The ecosystem is thought to be a separate part of the ecosystem.These definitions cause the ecological values ​​of the landscape to be defined differently over time and the correct positioning of the landscape in the ecosystem cannot be made.

The fact that the features of the landscape are abstract and tangible and that the aesthetics are abstract, and the interpretation of the ecology under the concrete characteristics causes the relationship between the two concepts to be constantly confronted in the landscape and design and planning scales, and often the two qualities cannot be used in a project study.This point is the biggest problem; In terms of aesthetic value of the work is pushed to the background of the functionality, which actually causes the ecological dimension to be thrown into the background accordingly. Considering that the concept of aesthetics is divided into two as sensory aesthetics and symbolic aesthetics under the head of environmental aesthetics, we can see that both functionality and aesthetics can be used together in the symbolic aesthetics stage, and ecological values ​​are involved due to this functionality.

Within the scope of the study, rhetoric about aesthetic and ecological values ​​in the discipline of landscape architecture will be put forward and suggestions will be made about the two-valued approach and design and planning scale studies.