Planning Process and Projects in National Parks of Turkey

  • Meral ÇİÇEK
  • Nurettin TAŞ
Keywords: Development Plan, Protected Area, National Park, Plan, Project


Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, Directorate General of Nature Conservation and National Parks is responsible for conserving the richness of biodiversity in Turkey and determining policies on nature conservation, conserving and developing wildlife areas, designation of protected areas; managing efforts in National Parks (NP), Nature Parks, Natural Monuments and Nature Conservation Parks, conserving and enhancing sensitive areas particularly wetlands and caves and meeting the international conventions and obligations with regard to these issues. National Parks in Turkey have been managing within the scope of 2873 numbered Law on National Parks and Regulations. Within the context of this Law National Parks being designated among the protected areas having natural and cultural resource values around the country and world. Turkey has 42 National Parks, 223 Nature Parks, 111 Natural Monuments and 30 Nature Conservation Areas. Long Term
Development Plans/ Development/Management Plans being prepared in accordance with the biodiversity strategy considering conservationutilization balance and in line with the decisions in these upper scale plans, by taking into consideration physical and legal restrictions, Landscape and Architectural Projects for introduction, recreational and informational aims. Moreover, the areas associated with cultural, historical and archeological events being designated as Historical National Parks (HNP) (Sarıkamış Allahuekber Mountains NP, Başkomutan HNP, Nene Hatun HNP, Sakarya Battles HNP, Mount Kop Defense HNP, Göreme HNP etc.). Visitor Centers being constructed to explain late history for visitors and transfer information to future generations (Panoramic Museums). With this study, planning process and projects prepared in National Parks in Turkey are explained.