Çekirdek Köylerin Eko-Turizme Kazandırılması: İkiztaş Örneği

  • Ayfer ÖZMEN
  • Gönül KONAKAY
  • Arzu Yüce MORKOYUNLU
Keywords: Eco-Tourism, Core Village, Sustainability


For the core villages to be included in the scope of eco-village, there needs to be a structure where the climatic characteristics, the flora, the location, the natural and architectural structure of the area are preserved, and the unique customs and traditions of the community are still kept alive. The purpose of this study is to promote eco-tourism in İkiztaş village, where public participation is ensured, as part of the protection of local, cultural and social values. The local, cultural and social values and the nature of İkiztaş village are presented by being modelled along with the term of sustainability. Eco-villages are the ideal residential models where the mental recreation of the visitors occurs. Eco-villages are small with a population of 500-3000 people and this is very advantageous in terms of promoting tourism in them. The advantages and disadvantages met when promoting eco-tourism in İkiztaş village are presented within the frame of the model that has been set up.