An Examination of Eco-village as an Example of Eco-entrepreneurship; The Case of Turkey

  • Yaşar SARI
  • Cemile ECE
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Eco-entrepreneurship, Ecotourism, Ecovillage


Entrepreneurial activity is a phenomenon that has accelerated in recent years and encourages people to do their own business. However, the increase in the entrepreneurial activity that has emerged as the result of economic growth negatively affects the environment. The increase in environmental awareness over time, the importance of sustainability has also influenced entrepreneurship, so the concept of conflicting ecoentrepreneurship has emerged. Eco-entrepreneurship involves environment-oriented initiatives and entrepreneurs, together with all stakeholders of the enterprise. In recent years, it has been observed that eco-initiatives have been given more importance in the studies on rural development in countries and investment shares of these enterprises have been put into effect. From this point of view, the importance given to ecological development and entrepreneurial activities are moving the tourism movements and ecological settlements. In this study, eco-villagers who have become trends in the last period will be examined within the scope of eco-entrepreneurship. In Turkey using semi-structured questionnaire techniques was discussed with 3 founder and 2 tourists of the eco-village and made of eco-tourism initiatives which contribute was discussed.