Economic Dimensions of Olive Agriculture in Turkey

  • Fatma Turan Koyuncu
  • Onur Koyuncu
Keywords: Olive, Olea, Economy, Agriculture, Turkey


The homeland of olives (Olea europaea L.), a member of the Oleacea family, is It includes Upper Mesopotamia and Southern Asia, including the Anatolian Region. Today The olive plant, which has been shown as the plant of the 20th century and has not lost its importance for centuries. Mardin, Hatay, Syria, Palestine and Cyprus. 90% of olive cultivation in the world, the Mediterranean basin, back the rest is in Latin American countries. Around 9 million hectares in the World 17 million tons of olives are obtained from 900 million olive trees in the area. World olive oil production is around 2.85 million tons compared to the last five seasons. Important respectively olive oil producing countries, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Tunisia and Is Syria. Although the share of EU countries in production varies by years, on average 68% at the level. Spain ranks first among the EU countries with Italy and Greece It is followed. Spain's share in EU production is around 64%. In this study, revenues from Turkey's olive and olive products were evaluated in multiple dimensions. Thus, as a Mediterranean country Turkey has been demonstrated place in the olive farming.