Seydi Stream (Eskişehir, Seyitgazi) Ephemeroptera Population Relation with Plant Density

  • Tuğrul Öntürk
Keywords: Seydi Stream, Fauna, Ephemeroptera, Population


Samples were collected from 11 stations between 2017-2018 in order to determine the population density of Ephemeroptera fauna of Seydi Stream (Eskişehir, Seyitgazi) which is an important branch of Sakarya River System in the Central Anatolia region. As a result of the examination of the collected samples, 7 species belonging to 5 families were identified. These species; Baetis vernus Curtis, 1834, Baetis rhodani (Pictet, 1843), Baetis scambus Eaton 1870, Ephmera vulgata Linneaus, 1758, Ephemerella ignita (Poda, 1761), Potamanthus luteus (Linneaus, 1767), Caenis luctuosa (Burmeister, 1839). During the sample collection, The base and water edge plant densities of 11 stations were examined and their effects on the spread of the species and population density were discussed.