Naturally grow in Turkey some species of Lathyrus L. (Wild pea, Fabaceae) can be used as ornamental plant

  • Fatma Güneş
Keywords: Grass pea, Lathyrus, ornamental plants, Turkey


In the world approximately 200, In Turkey 80 taxa of Lathyrus (Grass pea) are naturally grow. 25 taxa are endemic to Turkey. L. odoratus (Sweet pea) was used as a hedge plant in the palace gardens of the Ottoman Empire under the name “Nazende”. This plant, whose homeland is Sicily, is now grown as an ornamental plant in Europe and many countries. Naturally grown in Turkey these species L. atropotanus, L. belinensis, L. boissieri, L. chrysanthus, L. cilicicus, L. czeczottianus, L. grandiflorus, L. laxiflorus, L. nivalis, L. roseus, L. rotundifolius, L. satdaghensis, L. stenophyllus, L. sylvestris, L. trachycarpus, L. tuberosus, L. undulatus, L. variabilis can be considered as ornamental plants.