Nigella's (Nigella sativa L.) Medical Usage and Economic Dimensions in Turkey

  • Onur Koyuncu
  • Gökhan Kuş
  • Fatma Turan Koyuncu
Keywords: Nigella sativa, Nigella, Ethnobotany, Economy, Turkey


The use of plants in treatment begins in very old times. As in all countries of the world, medicinally important plants in our country have been used among the people for centuries. For this purpose, many plant microbiological, pharmacological aspects, even in recent years where biological warfare is on the agenda in terms of plant defense mechanism has been investigated in many ways. At the beginning of the black seed plant; studies have shown that thymokinone has the effect of stopping cell proliferation in many cancer types. Anti-diabetic, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-histaminic, anti-microbial, anti-tumor, hematologic and immunomodulatory effects of Nigella sativa have been tried to be elucidated by various studies. Toxic effects on the liver Increase the concentration of ALT in serum. They found a significant increase in serum GGT and ALT concentrations in rats after treatment with Nigella sativa extract without visible pathological changes. Black seed; It slows down breast and prostate cancer and protects against lung cancer. Lowers blood sugar. It dilutes the blood. Reduces the risk of heart infarction. Relieves the pain ofrheumatism. It dilutes the blood. Reduces the risk of heart infarction. Relieves the pain of rheumatism. It is known to treat cough and respiratory diseases. Accelerates the regeneration of cells. It is anti-inflammatory and diuretic. It has therapeutic properties for skin diseases. It has antioxidant properties. Helps to lose weight. Facilitates digestion. Protects against germs and viruses. It is a treatment for depression and panic attacks. The effect of black seed varies from person to person. Black seed is usually safe when taken in small amounts and is not harmful. Black seed, which is used in the form of spices in foods and pastries such as bread, has no harm. One of the reasons why the people use black seed in our country is “It's a panacea other than death” His belief also has a significant impact.