Anatomical and Palynological Features of Linaria pelisseriana (L.) Mill. (Plantaginaceae)

  • İsmühan Potoğlu Erkara
  • Onur Koyuncu
Keywords: Linaria pelisseriana (L.) Mill., (Plantaginaceae), Anatomy, Palynology


In this study, the anatomical and palynological properties of Linaria pelisseriana (L.) Mill. taxon (Plantaginaceae) was investigated. Taxon is perennial and herbaceous. Cross-sections of root, stem and leaf and surface sections of leaf were taken and photographed, then evaluated. Pollen morphology was taken from the Herbarium specimens is investigated under Light microscope and Scanning Electron Microscope. Pollen grain microphotographs of examined taxa have been taken from preparates which were made by Wodehouse and Erdtman techniques in LM. The pollen of the analysed taxon is radially symmetrical, isopolar, tricolporate, oblate-spheroid. Exine is tectate-reticulate.