Anatomical and Palynological Studies on Endemic Klasea yunus-emrei (Asteraceae)

  • Okan Sezer
  • İsmühan Potoğlu Erkara
Keywords: Asteraceae, Klasea yunus-emrei, anatomy, pollen morphology


In this study, anatomy and pollen morphology of Klasea yunus-emrei was studied with light and electron microscopies. The purpose of the present study is to anatomical and palynological characteristics of the endemic Turkish taxon K. yunus-emrei (Asteraceae) that show natural distribution in Turkey. B3 Eskisehir: Alpu, plantation area of Bozan, calcareous soils, 2014-2017, OUFE 17594 Eskişehir. Upon the examination of the root cross-rections in K. yunus-emrei, the pith was determined to be completely covered by xylem cells. As to stem cross-sections, it was observed that large parenchymatic cells were present in the pith of the stems. Leaves are equifacial and amphistomatious and they have amaryllis type stomata. Leaves are mesomorphic. Stomata are anisocytic. The results of the light and scanning electron microscope investigation revealed pollen grains of K. yunus-emrei are tricolporatae, amb shape triangular, pollen shape spheroidal. Exine tectatae-echinate.