Morpho-Anatomical Studies on Endemic Euphorbia anacampseros Boiss. var. tmolea M.S. Khan

  • Ümmüşen Gökçen
  • Murat Ardıç
Keywords: Anatomy, Morphology, Euphorbia anacampseros Boiss. var. tmolea M.S. Khan


The genus Euphorbia which is belong to the family of Euphorbiaceae is represented about 2150 taxa in the World. Euphorbia genus shows wide distribution and it’s members found in Madagascar, east Africa, Caucasia and Mexico. Number of Euphorbia taxa in Turkey is 120 and 18 of these are endemic. The most of these endemic taxa are distributed in Toros Mountains. In this study, a morphological feature of Euphorbia anacampseros var. tmolea which is the endemic perennial taxon from Turkey was investigated. Also some parts of this taxa biometrically measured. Seed’s and caruncle’s shape and size were investigated. Also all data obtained from morphological investigations were compared with literatures. Anatomical features of studied taxa were investigated and so photographed.