Locally Endemic Plants of Eskişehir

  • Onur Koyuncu
  • Ömer Koray Yaylacı
Keywords: Flora, Endemism, IUCN, Biodiversity, Eskisehir, Turkey


Eskişehir is a province with a surface area of 13,500 km2 located in the Central Anatolia Region. According to Davis 1969, Eskişehir, located in the B3 square, has altitudes between 185 m and 1850 m. The Alpagut location of the Middle Sakarya Valley is the lowest point and the Efsun Baba Hill is the highest point of the Türkmen Mountain. Sakarya River and Porsuk River are the most important rivers of the province and the Eskişehir Plain between Sündüken Mountains and Türkmen Mountains is the center of the province. The first records about the flora of Eskişehir date back to 1800 years. The first important recordings in Turkey are given in Flora. The first records about the flora of Eskişehir are based on the 1800 first important records in Turkey is given in Flora. After a large number of studies of the local and foreign researchers about the flora of Eskisehir. In the last 20 years, especially The floristic studies of the local researchers such as Atila OCAK, Onur KOYUNCU, Ö. Koray YAYLACI, Okan SEZER, Derviş ÖZTÜRK and Kurtuluş ÖZGİŞİ have determined the flora of Eskişehir significantly. In this study, biological, distribution and general population status, IUCN status, etc. of local endemic taxa in Eskişehir flora were investigated. up-to-date information on its features is presented.