The Effects of Irrigation Water Wells on Spring Waters and Ecological Balance of Agricultural Area of Çifteler (Eskişehir) Region

  • Tuğrul Öntürk
Keywords: Drilling, Irrigation Well, Ecological Balance


In this study, the effect of irrigation water and drill wells on the flow rate of spring waters in the agricultural areas in Çifteler region of Eskişehir and also on the ecological structure were investigated. The study was conducted between 2013 and 2018. During the study, the number of agricultural irrigation wells in the surrounding area was noted at regular intervals and compared with the number of wells included in the data of Regional Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI). In addition, the flow of some spring waters and the areas covered by them were measured during the study. As a result of our research, it was found that unconscious and randomly drilled irrigation wells caused a significant decrease in the flow rate of groundwater and even some resources were destroyed. As a secondary effect, this has disturbed the ecological balance of the environment and it has been observed to cause negative effects on many invertebrate species in the region as well as single and perennial plant populations.