Relationship of Anchusa stylosa M.Bieb.and Anchusa azurea Mill. Taxa Which Have Natural Distribution in Seyitgazi-Kırka Area With B Element

  • Murat Ardıç
  • İsmühan Potoğlu Erkara
Keywords: Anchusa stylosa M.Bieb., Anchusa azurea Mill., B, Kırka, Turkey


In this study, Distance of Anchusa stylosa M.Bieb. and Anchusa azurea Mill. which are naturally distributed in Seyitgazi Kırka area to Eti mine works was identified. Also soil elemental analysis were performed and B concentration of roots, stems and leaves were identified in these plant. These studied plant specimens were evaluated for identify effects of the genetic factors on B toxicity. In the light of obtained data, genetic features are directly connected with B toxocity in natural plants. In this regards, to maintain the success in soil relamation activities and so protection of the ecological balance, B resistant accumulator plants should be selected in high B included areas. Performed analysis showed that, precipitation and seasonal changes are effects the B intake in both of studied taxa. Especially B concentration of Anchusa azurea Mill. is clearly higher than Anchusa stylosa M.Bieb. For example, B concantration in root and stem more than twice, about two time more in flower and more than three times in leaf in Anchusa azurea Mill.. According to the results, genetic and morphological differences have important role at the habitat selection and B contents of plants. Except from these elemental analysis, pH, Humidity, Heat, Conductivity and UV levels of specimen locations were investigated.