Morphological and Anatomical Investigations on Rare Endemic Aethionema turcicum (Brassicaceae)

  • Filiz Birgi
  • Okan Sezer
Keywords: Aethionema turcicum, Anatomy, Micromorphology, Morphology


In this study, Macromorphological, micromorphological and anatomical properties of Aethionema turcicum which belongs to Brassicaceae were presented. In macromorphological studies, obtained data from the measures of vegetative and generative organs such as stem, leaf, flower and fruits were used for improve the description of taxon. In micromorphological investigations, fruit ornamentation of studied species is identifies as scabrous. Also the micromorphological seed characteristics are determinated as important features for discrimination of taxa. In anatomical studies, the structural characteristics of the cross sections of root, stem and leaf of species was identified.