About The Floristic Diversity of Manisa/Turkey

  • Onur Koyuncu
  • Okan Sezer
Keywords: Flora, Manisa, Ege, Turkey


Manisa province is located on a wide plain surrounded by high mountains in the north of Aegean geographic region. Highest peak of Manisa is Bozdağ Mountain-Kumpınar Hill with 2070 m. Altitude. Manisa is situated in Mediterranean phytogeographic region and so B1-B2 squares according to the Daviss grid system. Manisa is notably rich in terms of soil types and topographic features. Manisa has many stream and the main of these are Gediz river. It borns from Murat mountain and ends in İzmir/Foça. Manisa is one of the taxa richest provinces of Turkey about 1300 identified and 2000 predicted. Nearly 115 of the identified taxa from the province are endemic to Turkey and 11 of these taxa spread only within the borders of Manisa (Some these taxa has been determined as limitedly within the borders of neighboring cities).