Ecology and Morpho-anatomical structure of Comperia comperiana (Steven) Asch. & Graebn. and its on contribution to the taxonomy of Orchidaceae

  • Derviş Öztürk
Keywords: Comperia, Ecology, Morphology, Anatomy, Orchidaceae


In this study, in the present study reveals the morphological, anatomical and ecological characteristic of Comperia comperiana (Steven) Asch. & Graebn. in Turkey. Plant materials of Comperia species were collected from one population, between 2018 in Eskişehir/Turkey. Comperia comperiana samples were analyzed for 9 morphological, 5 anatomical and soil characters and habitat properties.In morphological investigations, the structure of flower, lateral sepal, petal, dorsal sepal, lip, anther cap and column was determined. The findings were compared with those in Flora of Turkey. to habitat definition, Comperia comperiana grew up to 880 m to 1000 m. Also, Quercus cerris forests and glades were most common habitat of Comperia comperiana, found generally over calcareous soils.