Ecology and Morpho-Anatomical Investigations on Orchis purpurea Huds. and Orchis mascula (L.)L.

  • Derviş Öztürk
Keywords: Orchis , Ecology, Morphology, Anatomy, Orchidaceae


In this study, in the present study reveals the morphological, anatomical and ecological characteristic of Orchis purpurea Huds. and Orchis mascula (L.)L. in Turkey. Plant materials of Orchis L. species were collected from one population, between 2018 in Turkey. In Turkey, for many centuries, various kinds ofOrchis have been extracted from the tubers and consumed as hot drink with the name of “salep” and it has been exported as well. In morphological investigations, the structure of flower, lateral sepal, petal, dorsal sepal, lip, anther cap and column was determined. The findings were compared with those in Flora of Turkey. In anatomical investigations, the structure of root, stem and leaf were determined. Also, stomata and epidermal cell of leaves were investigated. The anatomical results were discussed with similarities and differences with the anatomical structure of other Orchis L. species. According to habitat definition, O. purpurea and O. mascula. grew up to 900 m to 1000 m. Also, Quercus forests were most common habitat of O. purpurea and O. mascula.