Use of Spline Regressions in Livestock

  • Muzaffer ÇEVIK
  • Yakut GEVREKÇI
  • Mustafa ŞAHIN
Keywords: Regression, Spline Regression, Farming, Lactation Curve, Growth Curve


In this study, piecewise regressions, widely used to investigate the relationships between dependent and independent variables, and its use in animal husbandry were investigated.
It has been found from the data obtained from animal husbandry studies that the spline regression models obtained by determining the appropriate knot points show better agreement with the conventional classical models in terms of sum of mean squares, standard deviation of
the model, determination coefficient, adjusted determination coefficient and the Durbin-Watson autocorrelation values . This superiority has been observed more clearly when the point distribution is different from the known one. From this result, it can be said that the use of spline regression models in the field of livestock will be beneficial to the investigator in many ways.