Ecological Characteristics of Plants in Risk Category in Eskişehir

  • Derviş ÖZTÜRK
Keywords: Diversity, Risk category, Habitat, Eskişehir


Turkey is a rich country in terms of biodiversity among the countries in the northern hemisphere. Edaphic diversity is one of the main biodiversity reasons of Turkey.The research area covers the areas where different lands are located within the borders of Eskişehir. In the
field of research, a total of 16 land surveys were conducted in all seasons of the year between 2016-2018 and 45 samples were collected. The stations where the samples were collected were numbered, and information on terrain, such as altitude, location, habitat, date, and latitudelongitude coordinates (GPS) were recorded. . Physical and chemical analyzes of soil samples were performed in Soil Analysis Laboratory. 11 plant taxa which are distributed in Eskişehir are included in the risk category. Element, risk categories, habitat and living conditions, soil properties of these taxa were determined. This study was carried out to determine the importance of edaphic and geological isolation in terms of floristic diversity and endemism. Turkey’s some of the important causes of floristic diversity edaphical, endemism is busy in developing the geological rocks soil “geological isolation” is explained by, these regions “geological island” or “edaphical island” it is called. These factors also determine the effect level of biotic factors.