Sustainable Urban Management in Bursa

  • Feza KARAER
Keywords: City, City management, Management, Sustainable city, Sustainability.


Sustainable urban understanding; to create livable cities today and in the future and to bring people-oriented cities to the city. Bursa, Turkey is the most advanced fifth city’s economic terms. Agriculture, industry, commerce and tourism activities are being carried out and at the same time they are rich in terms of mining. Urban sustainability is adversely affecting the increasing urban population, industrialization, inadequate housing and infrastructure, difficulty in accessing jobs, goods and services, unemployment, inequality and misuse of natural resources. Policies need to be set in order to serve for urban sustainability and act jointly with the participation of government, local administrators, urban planners, academicians, non-governmental organizations and people. In this study; Air pollution in Bursa, noise complaints, solid waste amount and composition, land use, greenhouse gas inventories. Tables and graphs showing the changes according to years have been used to achieve the purpose of the work. The aim of these parameters is to provide change and recommendations for sustainability indicators in both years.